Working Together to Empower Citizens

As a dynamic meeting place, we collectively work to make governments and societies around the world more open, responsible, just, and responsive to their people.

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Open Gov Hub is the world's first meeting place, coworking space and innovation hub dedicated to opening up governments and empowering citizens around the world. Our community includes over 45 organizations and 250 people.

We help open government advocates be more efficient through accessing shared resources and be more effective through collaboration.

Opening up information and data about public activities, and helping keep governments honest
Promoting responsibility and integrity in governance and combating corruption
Equality and participation for all citizens

And in all this work, we’re committed to innovation and adaptive learning. 
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featured collaborations

We constantly work to facilitate an environment that creates connections and collaborations. Some current collaborations are our member monthly skillshare groups, the Defending Democracy: Lessons from Around the World program, a staff swap with our partner hub in Liberia, and a shared space partnership with our office neighbors, Global Giving. Discover more.


Our Impact

With more than 40 organizations working in over 75 countries, the potential for impact we can have is great. At Open Gov Hub, we strive to facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations for even greater impact.


Our events

We regularly host a wide range of events at Open Gov Hub, from book launches to mapathons to panels. Covering topics like doing development differently, anti-corruption, open data initiatives, and more, we strive to create events designed to stimulate new ideas and connections between people and organizations for greater shared impact. See what we have coming up next.

ways to partner with us

We love to regularly partner with a wide variety of like-minded organizations and individuals for mutual benefit and shared impact. Find out how you can get involved.

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Summer 2018

"The Hub is a vibrant, learning, collaborative, inspirational, collegiate, and supportive community environment."


"I've learned a lot professionally from my peers, found out about resources, and been energized and intrigued by others projects and the potential for collaboration."

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