BBL: Talking about fighting corruption with the former mayor of La Paz

Ronald MacLean-Abaroa will join us at the OpenGov Hub on Wednesday, January 30th for a special Brown-Bag Lunch (BBL) on his experience of fighting corruption in La Paz, Bolivia while he was mayor. The session will run from 12.30pm - 2pm.

For those of you who don't know Ronald: he almost single-handily cleaned up corruption in La Paz by sheer force of will, and then went onto become a well-known inspiration for anti-corruption activists, particularly at the city level. He's worked in the past at the World Bank on good governance and anti-corruption issues, and is currently running his own consultancy.

Ronald will start the session off with a presentation outlining some key experiences and then open up for discussion and questions. He's very excited about meeting the various groups at the OpenGov Hub and discuss open government issues with them.

If you interested in attending this BBL, please send an email to

Nathaniel HellerComment