Freedom of Expression: Where do you draw the line?

Join us on Friday, January 30th, 2015 from 12.30-2pm


The recent massacre of the Charlie Hebdo journalists and the subsequent arrests in France have highlighted the complexities surrounding freedom of expression and free speech internationally. Are their limits on expression? When does speech become incitement to violence?

Join ARTICLE 19 at the OpenGov Hub for a lunchtime discussion on these issues from the perspective of international law and standards, which differ from the those in the United States. We will present the legal "tests" on when expression can be limited and when speech crosses the line into incitement to violence, a concept that is more recognized internationally than in the United States. Please bring questions and examples of your own where we can use these tests as a lens for discussion and debate on the issue.

This event is part of the OpenGov Hub's Brown-Bag Lunch (BBL) series, so please feel free to bring your lunch along.

Nada ZohdyComment