Data Expedition with School of Data on October 10th

Friday, October 4th, 2013 

Join a Data Expedition with the School of Data and YourbudgIT into financial data from Nigeria. Help us answer some of the pressing questions around government accountability with newly disclosed financial data. REGISTER TODAY

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Join us to explore financial data to answer:

  • Where do the government contracts go? Which government contractors are building the schools in oil concession areas?

  • Where does Nigerian tax payer money go - if you live in rural Nigeria or in Lagos?

  • How would the Nigerian budget look like if revenues were shared differently?

  • How can data on revenues from extractive industries in Nigeria be explored (with reports from the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative).

The Data Expedition is organised in collaboration with the Global Partnership for Effective Co-operation and will explore a breath of financial data in Nigeria from procurement and government spending to revenues from extractive industries. The expedition will allow you to dive into the financial data with first hand guidance from YourbudgIT in Lagos.

The participants will be able to explore the following data during the Data Expedition:

  • Federal procurement data (opened up and released specifically for this event)

  • Budgets for the federal government and the city of Lagos

  • Reports for Nigeria from EITI

  • Other financial data might be including from sources such as the World Bank

YourbudgIT: Is a transparency organisation behind several campaigns on government spending and recently campaigned for improved access to parliamentary expenditures under the hashtag #Ourmass.

Data Expedition - what is this? (limited spaces available!)

12:00: Welcome, working lunch, team formation and link up with YourbudgIT Nigeria

13:00: Team sprint I

15:30: Coffee

16:00: Team sprint II

18:00: Wrap-up of Data Expedition

Happy Hour and project presentations (more space available)

18:00: Welcome & drinks

19:00: Presentations of projects for members of the Steering Committee for the Global Partnership for Effective Co-operation

20:00: Closing

The main event will take place at the OpenGov Hub in Washington DC, while a satellite event will take place at YourBudgetIT in Lagos, Nigeria.

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