Managing Research & Early Warning Systems: Next Week at the OpenGov Hub

Next week, we'll be hosting Brown-Bag Lunch (BBL) sessions focused on challenges. On the 14th, we'll explore the challenge of managing global research projects with 100+ countries; and on the 15th, we'll discuss the challenge of developing Early Warning Systems to prevent conflict and inform policy. Be sure to register today!

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Collecting and Managing Global Research
Tuesday, October 14th, 12.30-2pm
The International Budget Partnership (IBP) compiles the Open Budget Survey (OBS) every year in order to open up budgets globally, and allow people to better understand how their governments plan to spend public resources. Join us for a BBL conversation with Elena Mondo, OBS Project Supervisor, to learn about IBP's work managing and collecting this data. This event is in partnership with Indaba, the software platform used by IBP to collect and manage their research.


Tech Tools for Creating Early Warning Systems (EWS)
Wednesday, October 15th, 12.30-2pm
How can tech be used to create an early warning system, to prevent conflict and inform policy? What are the challenges and best practices for using technology tools to create EWS? Join us for a BBL discussion on using platforms to build EWS in conflict and peace-building contexts. This event is organized by Social Impact Lab, makers of FrontlineSMS; and Ushahidi, makers of Crowdmap, two tools often linked together to create EWS.


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