Accessing Information in Restrictive Environments (Nov. 10th Hub Event)

Accessing Information in Restrictive Environments

Tuesday, November 10

2-3:30pm @the OpenGov Hub


How do organizations collect data in risky environments and to what end? What difference does opening up access to information make in difficult contexts and what have we learned?


There are countries where information is not only scarce, but where the collection and production of data itself can be risky. Making information available to the outside world is, however, not impossible.

This panel brings together organizations who have created different avenues to overcome access to information challenges in restrictive environments, providing a snapshot of different scenarios.

Join us in a conversation with Global Integrity, the Committee to Protect JournalistsASL 19,United 4 Iran and the United States Institute of Peace.

For the safety and identity protection of panelists, no recording or photographing will be allowed during the event.