Putting Lessons into Action, Post-OGP Summit 2015 (Nov. 6th Hub Event)

Putting Lessons into Action, Post-OGP Summit 2015

Friday, November 6th

11am-12:30pm @ the OpenGov Hub


From October 27 - 29, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit will bring together 1500 participants from the open government movement around the world to build momentum for opengov reforms, reflect on what is and isn't working, and to lay out a framework for further co-operation and action.

At the Summit, participants will discuss the opportunities and challenges of promoting openness to improve public services, drive economic growth, reduce poverty and make governments more accountable. This year's Summit will emphasize the role open government can play in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Soon after the Summit concludes, it will be valuable for those who did and did not attend the Summit to debrief, in order to constructively and collectively reflect on what came out of the Summit, with a focus on two questions:

  • What were key findings/learnings/lessons from the Summit?

  • How can we collaborate to practically put commitments made at the Summit into meaningful action? 

Join us at the OpenGov Hub on November 6th for a lunchtime discussion with OGP Summit participants who are based at the OpenGov Hub, including the OGP Support Unit and other organizations. 

Lunch will be provided.