"Mappy" Hour at the Hub

Last night, the OpenGov Hub turned their happy hour into a 'mappy' hour for a special "MapSIN Happy Hour". The evening was an opportunity for the mapping community to share and discuss their ideas and receive feedback. Folks from a number of groups shared what they are 'cooking' in the form of short ignite talks followed by open discussions and chatting.

A special thanks goes out to our presenters who enlightened us all with information on what they're working and gave perspective to a lot of issues that go well beyond creating cool maps.

Our presenters during last night's MapSIN Happy Hour:

  • Rob Baker, Ushahidi
  • Zachary Bastian, Wilson Center
  • Valerie Zolyak, BlueRaster
  • Dave Cole, MapBox / Development Seed
  • Bonnie Stayer, ESRI
  • Marten Hogeweg, ESRI
  • Andrew Turner, ESRI
  • Qiyang Xu, World Bank Institute
  • Abby Baca, World Bank Institute

And last but most certainly not least, a huge thank you to the other 45 people who came out and participated in the discussions. We look forward to keeping in touch!

Check out the photos from the MapSIN Happy Hour.

Nathaniel HellerComment