Government Monitoring & Accountability Tools and Techniques

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This week in Washington DC, international and domestic CSOs are coming together at the OpenGov Hub to discuss "Government Monitoring & Accountability Tools and Techniques." The 2-day workshop is an opportunity to discuss a number of related topics, but above all, it is an opportunity to get two similar yet different groups (domestic and international) in the same room to share their experiences and approaches to governance issues. 

Participants include representatives from Global Integrity, Development Gateway, FrontlineSMS, GroundTruth Initiative, Transparency International - USA & Columbia, Integrity Florida, Center for Public  Integrity, Sunlight Foundation, International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Midwest Democracy Network, Windmill, OMB Watch, Open Society Foundations, TechChange, Center for Responsive Politics, Campaign for Stronger Democracy, CIPPEC, America Speaks, Common Cause, and Zašto ne.

Breakout session topics include:

  • Lobbying: How do we advance the lobbying reform agenda?
  • Budgets: How do we make government budgets more user friendly?
  • Money & Politics: Given the necessity of money in politics, how do we manage its influence?
  • Citizen Engagement: How do we widen engagement and participation on reform efforts among citizens with low expectation of progress?
  • Technology: What is the role of technology in strengthening government monitoring efforts?
  • Research: What is the role of research and how do we use available information more effectively?
Nathaniel HellerComment