BBL: with Congreso Transparente - February 21st

Sara Iarios from Congreso Transparente has kindly agreed to run a special BBL on her organization's work and their newly relaunched website:

Congreso Transparente started a few years ago with the aim to build a platform bridge between citizens and Congress to foster a transparent and open government.  With the relaunch their website, they are moving forward with new projects and opportunities for Guatemalans to become involved in the activities of Congress. Their core beliefs lie in the strength of an open and participatory government and it is their mission to ensure that this is possible for the citizens of Guatemala.

Sara is exceptionally in Washington for the next two months, and so we are thrilled to have her join us at the OpenGov Hub for this special BBL.

If you would like to join us at the OpenGov Hub for this BBL, contact

Nathaniel HellerComment