#DevCliches Rehab Happy Hour - March 7th

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When? Thursday, March 7th, 2013 from 5.00-7.00pm

Where? 1889 F Street NW, 2nd Floor, Washington DC, 20006

How? Register here

We indulged in some fun around development cliches at #DevCliches Bingo night, but now it's time get back on the wagon and address this problem with a crowdsourced sustainable grassroots solution... ahhhh! We're hopeless.

But, (semi) seriously, it's time to get ourselves to #DevCliches rehab to get our pitches and speeches back to reality, using real words that actually mean things, instead of the same tired hollow phrases.

So bring your organization's elevator speech, a new product pitch or a short policy paper introduction (2 minutes max), present it to the group and together we'll help you de-cliche it, and you'll leave with a stronger way to represent your work.

Between rehab sessions, we'll go over some tips, tricks and common mistakes we see and hear organizations making when they talk about their work.

And to make sure #DevCliches empowers sustainable community-based dialogue, please BYOB (here are some nearby options) or support the cause.

Thanks and see you on the 7th!
The OpenGov Hub Team

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