OpenGov Hub's "Sweet Sixteen"

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

By Christina Crawley

During the month of March Madness, we are very excited and proud to announce that the OpenGov Hub family continues to grow and is now officially at a Sweet Sixteen tenant count.


This month welcomes four new groups into the OpenGov Hub space in Washington DC, and all sixteen groups are very much enjoying the new mix so far. The four new tenants are:

  • World Wide Web Foundation: established in 2009 by Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee to tackle the fundamental obstacles to realizing his vision of an open Web available, usable, and valuable for everyone. 
  • National Democratic Institute (NDI): works to promote openness and accountability in government. NDI's Tech4Dem team implements a diverse range of programs with critical information and communications technology (ICT) components, targeting democratic institutions and/or supporting democrats in general.
  • Internews: provides communities the resources to produce local news and information with integrity and independence by creating platforms for dialogue and enabling informed debate to bring about social and economic progress.
  • Rapid Results Institute (RRI): aims to help solve the “last mile” problem in development work through highly choreographed 100-day projects that create local ownership and accountability for results, and inspire innovation and collaboration among stakeholders.

Now for the question on everyone's mind: is this the Final Four? We very much doubt it. The OpenGov Hub looks forward to stretching its arms even further and the addition of the Web Foundation, NDI, RRI and Internews is certainly a step in that direction.

Welcome everyone! We're so happy to have you here at the OpenGov Hub!

Nathaniel HellerComment