Reboot Recharges OpenGov Hub

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

By Feihu Li

Reboot Principal Kate Krontiris made a whirlwind visit to the OpenGov Hub on Wednesday, March 13th, bringing great food for thought on how to refine services for the underserved.


The visit and presentation attracted a great deal of interest from the OpenGov Hub community who share similar perspectives on open governance and Reboot's approach to development work. "We developed a 3-step process," Krontiris explained, "to discover real needs through immersive field research, to design promising solutions through prototyping, testing as well as refining, to implement tailored solutions through training and monitoring."

Based in New York City, Reboot is a global social enterprise working at the intersection of design, technology, public policy, and service delivery, contributing to the aim of better governance. An example of Reboot’s work in driving government service delivery and enriching voters' experience in the United States using everyday technology brought forth an especially interesting discussion in which Krontiris argued that, "in many cases, technology is just a tool rather the final solution."

Nathaniel HellerComment