Our last BBLs at 1889 F Street

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That's right. Time is flying and our move to 1110 Vermont Ave is soon upon us. If you'd like to come by our current space for some great last Brown-Bag Lunch (BBL) sessions, and to see the space in all its glory one last time, be sure to register today.

Is Your Software Ready for Government Use? Wednesday, March 12th, 12.30-2.00pm


Greg Elin and Rodney Cobb, Knight News Challenge 2013 winners and co-founders of GitMachines, will come by the OpenGov Hub to present GovReady, an open source toolkit to prepare software and civic IT projects for security accreditation and approved government use. GovReady scans your project and helps you produce the FISMA-related documentation IT Administrators need (think "bootstrap" for compliance). Greg and Rodney will show you how a GovReady virtual machine can make it easier for your government users to evaluate your technology.

Helping Marginalized Communities Use Data for Advocacy. Thursday, March 13th, 12.30-2.00pm


Are there good examples of advocates in marginalized communities who have harnessed the power of data? What are effective ways for such communities to access and/or collect data? Should it come from governments or should the community crowdsource the data itself? Dirk Slater, the founder of Fabriders, will address these questions during a special Brown-Bag Lunch (BBL) session at the OpenGov Hub. While Dirk will review a couple of example from his own work, the session also aims to hear from you about how your own capacity-building efforts have gone for you, and what you’ve found to be effective (or not).

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