Code4Africa: Building Demand-Driven Open Data Ecosystems

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

By Feihu Li

Muchiri Nyaggah, Lead Fellow of the Kenya-based Code4Africa and Deputy Executive Director of the Open Institute in Kenya, spoke about Africa's open data movement at the OpenGov Hub during a Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) session on Tuesday, March 19th.


Nyaggah discussed how, in spite of incoming funds and massive institutional support for the open data and civic technology movement in Africa, few African citizens show strong interest in using processed data or digital tools to connect with policy-makers. He argued that one reason is that those data and tools have been purposely pushed to the citizens without their real needs taken into account. As a solution, Code for Africa came about as a citizen-driven movement to build data-on-demand ecosystems.

Recognizing that no single system or tool can work for the whole continent, Nyaggah said Code for Africa's pilot programs, including Code4Kenya, Code4Ghana, Code4Nigeria, Code4SouthAfrica, are a step in a creative direction via 6-month fellowships that help support change-oriented ideas.

It was a great pleasure to have Mr. Nyaggah over to the OpenGov Hub and we look forward to following Code for Africa as it moves forward.