DevCliches 3: The Grand Finale Follies - Wednesday, May 1st

First we innovated the #DevCliches Happy Hour Contest, where we mapped the new paradigms in effective procurement. Then we pivoted to #DevCliches Rehab, but we have relapsed into prior modes of activity. We were not sustainable.

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On May 1st, we will break through our established norms and truly scale impact with non-traditional stakeholders, utilizing free indigenous libations to facilitate transformative interpersonal networking opportunities, and create community resilience in post-conference states of lethargy. Our unique approach will incentivize cross-sectoral synergies to produce mission-critical value add and pivotal delierables.

Or in human-speak: its time to go bigger, better, and bolder with:

#DevCliches 3: The Grand Finale Follies

You have up to 5 minutes to present your best #DevCliches. You can do anything - speak, sing, dance, juggle babies and kittens. You will be laughed at. You will be laughed withYou will be loved.

RSVP NOW! Prizes for those who present!

Need inspiration? Check out check out these great resources:

To keep you entertained, we will have an open bar thanks to the OpenGov Hub and TechChange and cool prizes from Uber - your post-DevCliches transportation preference.

Bonus Prize: Wanna get a special gift from Uber? Then download a #DevCliches Bingo Card, fill it in, and try to get bingo at your next NGO coordination meeting, like this one. Tweet a pic of your winning card with the #DevCliches hashtag and we'll send you a special treat!

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