Know Your Hubber: Blair Glencorse

Spring is in full swing here in Washington, D.C. This month, we wanted to introduce you to Blair Glencorse, Executive Director of Hub Member's Accountability Lab.

Accountability Lab recently celebrated their 5 Year Anniversary with a big party at the Hub, which also saw the launch of their new strategy for 2017-2020.

In between his flights between Liberia, Nepal, and Washington, D.C. Blair answered a few quick questions about his organization's work, as well as what inspires him to do it.

Blair Glencorse in Nepal

Blair Glencorse in Nepal

Blair Glencorse

Job Title and Organization
Executive Director, Accountability Lab

Tell us what problems your organization is trying to solve and how they are doing that.
We are working to make people in power more accountable around the world. We’re doing that through working to build a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders- using creative approaches such as media, the arts, culture and technology

How do you help in doing this?
I help to run the organization globally- across South Asia and West Africa- so my job involves a lot of outreach, fundraising, systems development, impact, and learning and management!

What are some new exciting projects your organization is working on?
We are working on some fun projects- for example, Integrity Idol- a TV show that “names and fames” honest government officials; a “rap to be repped” rap competition in Liberia for musicians with songs around democracy and participation, and an interactive art campaign in public spaces to engage citizens in conversations about the social contract.  

What do you like most about being a part of the Hub community?
We love the OpenGov Hub- so much in fact that we’ve set up hubs in Nepal and Liberia! For us the sense of community, the ability to find synergy with others, and the ability to learn from our peers is fantastic.

Where is the most exotic place you’ve traveled?
The Liberian bush.

What keeps you motivated?
The young people we work with keep me motivated- it is incredible to see the energy and creativity that they are marshalling behind ideas for accountability and transparency. It is really inspiring.

What is the one book or article that inspires you?
Recently I’ve been reading a lot of books about how change happens in different ways and what role government plays in that. There is one book called “Seeing Like a State” by James Scott that has some fascinating insights into how government gets things wrong, and what we can do to to fix that.

If you could have another careersky’s the limitwhat would it be and why?
High school teacher, definitely!

It may surprise you that:

  • I can imitate an American accent

  • I once went to the Winter Olympics with the Ski Team of Ghana (long story…)

  • I used to work for the President of Afghanistan

I can’t live without:

  • Chocolate

  • A good novel

  • Tea!