A Conversation on the “Fix Rate” with Integrity Action

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

By Christina Crawley

Last week, we were lucky enough to catch Integrity Action’s CEO, Fredrik Galtung, while he was in Washington and have him run a special Brown-Bag Lunch (BBL) on his newly published report The Fix Rate: A Key Metric for Transparency and Accountability.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 3.25.05 PM.png

Through the use of “Community Integrity Building”, Fredrik discussed the importance of bringing citizen and public officials together as a key element of the fix rate which, “measure[s] the incidence with which transparency and accountability-related problems are resolved to the satisfaction of key stakeholders.” As Fredrik pointed out, the ability to close the loop between groups is what is at the core of a lot of transparency issues; it’s the connection that matters, as outlined in the reports various examples of ways in which communities have come together – in often very different ways – to build their communities.

As an integral part of the approach, there are Five Phases in Integrity Action’s Community Integrity Building Approach:

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To learn more about the full approach, have a look at Integrity Actions full report The Fix Rate: A Key Metric for Transparency and Accountability now available online.