Events at the OpenGov Hub: May 29 - June 9

Introducing the Latin America Open Data Initiative (ILDA)
Thursday, May 29th from 4-5pm 

Fabrizio Scrollini, the Research Lead at ILDA (Latin America Open Data Initiative) will be in DC for Transparency Camp and so we thought this might be a great chance to catch him while he's here to talk about his work at ILDA. And if you'd like to stick around afterwards, we'll be screening "Exposing the Invisible" at 6pm as well, so be sure to register for it too (see below!). 

Movie Night: Exposing the Invisible

Thursday, May 29th from 6-8pm 

We'll be hosting a movie screening of Exposing the Invisible. This event is brought to you by GroundTruth Initiative, the Open Knowledge Foundation, and Development Seed. This is a great chance to meet some of the folks you'll be working with the following day at TCamp14 and watch a great film that is right up transparency's alley.

BBL: An overview of  CKAN
Tuesday, June 3rd, 12.30-2pm

For this special BBL, Irina Bolychevsky, Commercial Director of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) and ex CKAN Product Owner, will give an overview of the CKAN software and speak about numerous implementations across the world from South Australia, to, Canada and the United States.

BBL: Managing your Good Ideas
Thursday, June 5th, 12-1pm

Good ideas are often hidden in thick reports, not shared widely, or lost in the shuffle. Jim Cashel, Chairman of Forum One Communications, will lead a Brown-Bag Lunch (BBL) discussion on "ideas management" and introduce, a sort of "YouTube" for good ideas. Please join us for a provocative conversation.

OpenGov Hub Launch Party
Monday, June 9th from 5.30-8pm

After many months of designing, building, and setting it all up, we’re thrilled to announce that the OpenGov Hub has successfully - and very excitedly! - moved to its new home in downtown Washington, DC. To celebrate this important milestone, join us in raising a glass at our official launch party! Representatives from the OpenGov Hub’s 28 organizations will introduce the great work they do around the world promoting more open, accountable, and participatory governance. The celebration will also feature remarks from Jim Wolfensohn, former World Bank president, as well as Peter Eigen, founder of Transparency International.

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