Learning About the New DATA Act, Community Building, and Social Innovation Labs

If you haven't been by the new OpenGov Hub yet, we have a couple of events coming up that should make your first visit a great one.

May 12th, 12.30-2pm. BBL: Learning the ins and outs of the new DATA Act     REGISTER

Moving the DATA Act forward has been a huge job - and a huge feat! Hudson Hollister, Executive Director of the Data Transparency Coalition, will lead this BBL about the process and what the DATA Act means for everyone. 

May 14th, 12.30-2pm: BBL: Organizing Communities & Promoting OpenGov Using NationBuilder  REGISTER

Join us for a brown bag with two of NationBuilder’s organizers to talk about issues we all care about, and share your personal story of what opengov means means to you.

May 19th, 12.30-2pm. BBL: Lessons from Innovation Camps and Labs     REGISTER

Internews takes a broad look at the Innovation Camps and Labs they convened from 2011-2012 with a presentation on their new report that identifies what these events can achieve, how best to run them, and pitfalls to avoid.

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