Reflecting on the 2016 Elections: Politics and Policy

On May 3rd, the OpenGov Hub was pleased to host a breakfast event with Forum One and the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) DC Alumni Council for a discussion on the 2016 US Elections: Politics & Policy. 

This event, open only to OpenGov Hub members and HKS Alumni, featured remarks from long-time US policy and politics expert and Harvard Kennedy School Professor Roger Porter. Porter provided historical context for how this year's US presidential election compares and differs from political trends in this country over the last 50 years. He then highlighted what he identified as the key societal challenges facing this country that its next president must address. That included the major challenge of "the crushing burden of our national debt" (exacerbated by an aging population), but also the great possibilities for increased trade to stimulate economic growth and productivity.

Check out the event's full write up of the event on the HKS DC Alumni Council website here.