OpenGov Hub Gets Kudos from the Omidyar Network

Thursday, June 6th, 2013


Global Integrity, the co-founder of the OpenGov Hub, was recently awarded as the runner-up of the annual Omidyar Network Award for its outstanding work in the government transparency space. Included in Global Integrity's efforts which got it the prize, was the creation of the OpenGov Hub in 2012. 

From a blog post by Nathaniel Heller on the award: 

In giving out the award founder Pierre Omidyar cited Global Integrity, "for the leading role they've played in catalyzing and convening the government transparency and accountability community through a combination of innovative programmatic efforts and the world’s first government transparency and accountability thematic co-working space, the OpenGov Hub in DC."
While much of our work these days is indeed focused on spurring greater risk taking and experimentation across the government transparency and accountability (see our Innovation Fund and Indaba as concrete examples), the recognition of the OpenGov Hub as another tool in the catalytic toolbox was particularly validating. We're not even a year into the hub experiment but are already witnessing real innovation and experimentation emerging from a simple but powerful approach: if you put smart people in the same room, good things are likely to happen.

We are truly honored to be mentioned and recognized within Global Integrity's amazing efforts. Congratulations all round!