What Drives Collaborative Action?

The OpenGov Hub's community extends far beyond the 35 member organizations who work at the Hub. As a center for collaboration, learning, and innovation on open government issues, the Hub sees a broad visitor base for its weekly programming and events. The ideas being shared and projects being worked on at the Hub represent an opportunity for shared action that extend far beyond the walls of the Hub.

Thicket Labs was pleased to drop by the OpenGov Hub recently to offer a collaborative mapping demo to explore ways to elevate collaboration within the OpenGov Hub network. Our demo brought together a group of OpenGov Hub members, friends of the Hub and even a few folks who had never been to the Hub before.

Demo participants took a 15-minute survey before we dove into exploring real-time mapping. Participants received personalized insights about how their organization's work relates to the work of others in the room and beyond. Our aim was to help participants contextualize their work in their broader field and identify opportunities for deeper collaboration. Check out some of the results here

Although most of the survey participants were not formally affiliated with the Hub, the mapping exercise identified connections and relationships across the group. We found that 50% of all survey participants were connected to at least one other group as a collaborator or learning partner. Across participants from both inside and outside the Hub, Development Gateway, Global Integrity, and Accountability Lab stood out as information providers to other organizations in the network.

Most of the survey participants identified themselves as working in sectors related international governance and cities & services. Across the participants, use of collaboration and innovation tools and strategies is widespread. Group brainstorming is the norm for most, while tools like rapid prototyping and user testing are less common. Use of collaboration spaces stood out as a particularly essential tool for most, followed closely by use of open data.  

Our mission at Thicket is to help teams excel in high collaboration environments. We build collaborative intelligence technology solutions that bring people together to align on strategy and performance goals and implement results-based management programs. Exploring collaboration processes with the OpenGov Hub community is one of the ways we're moving our own work forward to develop action-oriented collaboration tools.

The Thicket team is looking forward to working with the Hub network to map collaboration workflows and develop solutions to support existing collaborations and spark new ones. We hope to help the OpenGov Hub community work together to accelerate government openness and citizen participation around the world.

Deepthi Welaratna is Founder & CEO of Thicket Labs, and Jacob Hernandez is Thicket Lab's Communication Designer & Strategist.