Introducing Our Guide to Great Events!

We're excited to share a brand new resource we've made in response to a real problem many of us see but don't always acknowledge: ineffective, boring and frustrating events.

Open Gov Hub is a unique meeting place where many different organizations, ideas and resources come together to encourage more transparency, accountability and civic participation around the world. 

Because collaboration is integral to our mission, we frequently host a variety of events and meetings designed to stimulate new ideas and connections between people and organizations for greater shared impact.

In fact, we organize an average of 3 events/week (150 events per year!), so we know a few things about planning them!

But we also see the need to diversify our event formats and challenge ourselves (and our peers) to reach a higher standard with these activities, which is why, with the help of our network of 40+ organizations and 200+ people, we produced this Crowdsourced Guide to Great Events.

After all, we all expend so much time and energy organizing and attending events, so why not think critically about how - through higher-quality events -  we can have more impact?

Building off the momentum from a recent blog by one of our members ("Liberate Us from the Tyranny of Panel Discussions” by Michael Jarvis), we hope this guide will serve as a resource for all of us in the global open government community, and beyond.

Open Gov Hub's Crowdsourced Guide to Great Events


  • The Great Events Pledge (with 15 Principles)
  • Toolkit of 15 Different Event Types 
  • How to Do Better Panels and Workshops
  • Tips on Adult Learning

We plan to update this guide periodically based on feedback. If you have any thoughts, please comment below, email us  at or find us on Twitter @OpenGovHub.