Know Your Hubber: Elsa Peraldi

For this month's Know Your Hubber, we want you all to meet Elsa Peraldi, who is the Project Lead for the Africa Integrity Indicators (AII) project of Global Integrity. AII has just wrapped up their data analysis of this year's indicators. If you just want a quick, informative synopsis of their findings, check out these great infographics. The AII team is now beginning to start the next round, so if you know someone who wants to be a research contributor to this exciting project, let them know!

Elsa Peraldi

Job Title and Organization
Project Lead, Africa Integrity Indicators

Tell us what problems your organization is trying to solve and how they are doing that.
At Global Integrity, we aim to tackle governance challenges through adaptive learning. We understand that governance reforms are complex and inherently political, so the best place to lead reform changes are local stakeholders. Our aim is that adaptive learning will empower local stakeholders to push governance reforms.

How do you help in doing this?
In my role as Project Lead of the Africa Integrity Indicators, we contribute by producing a yearly assessment of all 54 countries in Africa on transparency & accountability and social development that can serve as an entry point to help stakeholders in their governance reform efforts.

What are some new exciting projects your organization is working on?
We are starting the new round of indicators. This will be the sixth year that we collect the data and we are eager to explore how this assessment evolves.

What do you like most about being a part of the Hub community?
I like the diversity of organizations: the type of work they conduct and where. The Hub is an open minded, passionate, and driven community.

Where is the most fascinating place you’ve traveled?
Virunga Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo

What keeps you motivated?
Knowing that we are the change we want to see happen

What is the one book or article that inspires you?
I have many books that have inspired me through life in many different aspects, so it would be hard to pick one. But some of my favorites are The Little Prince, Life of Pi, and I’m currently reading All about Love by Bell Hooks.

If you could have another careersky’s the limitwhat would it be and why?
I would love to be a musician. I have always liked music, particularly classical and classic rock. My favorite instrument is the violin. In early college I tried learning to play the violin. I was terrible to say the least; I just didn’t have the ear for it.  

It may surprise you that:

  • I sleep with socks, even in the summer and tropical weather

  • I have eaten porcupine and marmot

  • I have worked as an undercover human rights activist

I can’t live without:

  • Yoga

  • Yogurt

  • Traveling