Call to Help Raise Funds for Accountability in Nairobi Slums

Thursday, August 15th, 2013 

By Erica Hagen 

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An article this week on CNN international by Loren Triesman of the Indigo Trust highlights how organizations like Map Kibera are changing the landscape of accountability throughout Africa. 

How can we help put into action on the ground, in real, tangible ways, the benefits of transparency and accountability? OpenGov Hub tenant GroundTruth Initiative knows how; and here's a simple action you can take right now: help support Map Kibera's campaign to document and track local government funds that are meant to go toward community development in places like the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

This might be the most important local initiative we've undertaken yet.

What's the situation? Government funds in Kenya are distributed to communities through a community development fund budget, and the result is meant to be projects that are visible and useful to citizens – things like toilet blocks and playgrounds in slum areas like Kibera. For years, we've heard people talk about the need to properly document these projects because they tend to disappear. In some cases, funds are dispersed and projects do take form  unfortunately this is not often the case.

Although some tracking has been done, we believe Map Kibera is perfectly situated to get at the real story behind each allocated project and openly share the results with the community. This takes a combination of mapping on the ground, documenting with visual media, and talking to people about their opinion of each project. We’ll then be taking the lead in working with local networks to make sure the results achieve the results we want, i.e., funded projects implemented as planned following the needs of the community. No more wasted and hidden funds. It’s also the perfect time because new political leadership is in place at the community level. GroundTruth is supporting Map Kibera to achieve this and we urgently need your help!

Please take a moment to support our campaign on Global Giving, and spread the word in your networks. By doing this, we can show that open information can really make a difference.

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