Screening of “The Cheetah Code” and Introducing D8A

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

By Christina Crawley 

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of having Jon Gosier and Bahiyah Robinson from D8A over to the OpenGov Hub for our very first documentary screening event (fun!). Our feature presentation was The Cheetah Code  a documentary short about African startups across the continent. Produced by Jon Gosier, himself a well-known innovator in the tech space in Africa, and with the support of Appfrica, the film features a number of interesting and innovative projects from South Africa to Egypt. “The Cheetah Code is an ongoing web TV series and collection of mini-documentaries chronicling Africa’s young entrepreneurs, creative class, and emerging technology sector. Our goal is to record high-quality video content that is entertaining, educational, and inspirational all at once.”

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The 32-minute documentary shows both the strength of so many entrepreneurs across Africa but also the challenges of such a large and diverse region where getting an idea past the borders of one country, or to be relevant in another is no easy task. And in cases where ideas translate well across Africa and beyond, other challenges come into play, such as infrastructure, distribution channels, and marketing, as mentioned by Francis Onwumere, the founder of, one of the hottest new startups in Africa currently. “We need to tap into several distribution channels to make sure that [the app] gets into the hands of users.” In most cases, getting this far is a huge feat in a continent of 54 countries.

The Cheetah Code was made alongside Demo Africa 2012 , the first ever event to showcase African entrepreneurship and startup companies. For many of the participants who felt that they knew more or less what kinds of companies were out there, the event blew them away by introducing them to so many more ideas. Thankfully, Jon Gosier jumped at the opportunity to get so many great idea builders in one room to showcase them beyond the event via The Cheetah Code. What we saw at the OpenGov Hub this week is only the beginning.

The event was also an opportunity to showcase D8A, a new company that will act as an umbrella for a number of initiatives with the aim of expanding through its expertise in ideation, research, strategy and implementation. For example, Appfrica is now part of D8A and will have the opportunity to reach farther to the African diaspora to South America and the Caribbean.

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