ReThink Media Jumping on the OpenGov Hub Bandwagon!


We’re excited to announce that the OpenGov Hub continues to grow and we can’t wait to welcome our great friends at ReThink Media into the new space in October. ReThink Media is a strategic institute that focuses exclusively on providing affordable access to technology, effective communications training and public opinion data to non-profit think tanks, experts, advocacy groups and grassroots organizations.

A snippet from their mission statement: 

"Our goal is to level the playing field in three key ways. First, we focus on helping organizations improve the strategic effectiveness of their communications. We provide the training and the tools to enable them to target the right audiences and the right media markets to advance their policy objectives. Second, we aim to close the longstanding gap in resources and technology that has often made it harder for the groups we work with to get their message out in a competitive media environment. And third, we're committed to helping organizations craft successful messages and connect more effectively with the right audiences. The organizations we work with have the right solutions for a more peaceful and secure world. Our mission is to make sure those solutions are heard."

As expert communicators, we are set to start picking ReThink Media’s brains on all that’s in store at the new OpenGov Hub space. Stay tuned!

Nathaniel HellerComment