The Big Week

Rendering of the future tenant logo wall

This is a huge week at the hub -- we're doing the bulk of the build-out and prep work to make the space functional for tenants and the public come October 1. Here's a quick run-down of what's happening:

  • Monday: continue touch-up paining and prep work begun on Saturday; set-up high-speed wifi network for hub tenants.
  • Monday evening: new furniture arrives hours earlier than scheduled via massive truck, unexpectedly temporarily blocking 19th Street to the chagrin of the DC police.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: install amazing new Steelcase workstations; power up and wire workstations, hopefully avoiding electrocution; paint entrance area walls with IdeaPaint.
  • Thursday: complete furniture install process; clean carpets; finish any touch-up painting and related work.; install new signage and tenant logos.
  • Friday: deal with everything that fell behind Monday through Thursday.

If you're interested in swinging by to see the chaos in action this week, ding hub manager Christina Crawley at to schedule a drop-in.

Nathaniel HellerComment