BBLs next week on Zombie Tech and Crowdfunding

Join us next week for two Brown-Bag Lunch (BBL) sessions on why tech-for-good projects try to reinvent the wheel, and what the latest tools and challenges are in the online 'crowdfunding' realm.

Attack of the Zombie Projects: Why Do NGOs Keep Building Lousy Technology?

Wednesday, October 1st, 12.30-2pm
For all of the angst in the social sector around lack of funding, non-profits seem especially good at wasting money on technology projects that even a casual observer could flag as doomed to fail. Why is this? REGISTER


Crowdfunding: Exploring New Models of Online Charitable Giving

Thursday, October 2nd, 12.30-2pm
Join Accountability Lab, tinyGive, and CharityBuzz at the OpenGov Hub for a conversation focused on new models of online charitable giving, with examples of online campaigns from non-profits and tips on how to use these tools. REGISTER

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