Welcoming Fall with Our Annual Open House

On Thursday, September 7th we welcomed Hub members and friends back to work at the start of fall with a celebration showcasing our community, our 2nd Annual Open House. We took a look back at how far we've come as a community and the excited places we're headed together. 

2017 has been a year of growth for us here at the Open Gov Hub - not only growth in our membership base but also an observable shift in our community culture to one that's more open and collaborative. We've seen this shift in our member surveys and in other ways, and are proud that our 2017 Collaboration Toolkit seems to be paying off, seeing results like a 20% increase in collective identity just over the last four months. We've also had an uptick in overall activities, holding over 4 activities/events per week in the second quarter of this year (many of which are now being led by some of our rockstar members). 

We highlighted some more things to look forward over the rest of this year (our Community Catalyst Program, new program on Global Lessons for US Democracy, and more), then had four short presentations about the four Hub working groups.


Open Data Working Group Presentation


Localizing Open Data Working Group


Difficult Places Working Group


Adaptive Learning Working Group


Next, we took a break for a buzzing Activities Fair (plus taco bar and ice cream sundaes!) with tables for our Workshops, Skillshare Guilds, Welcome Committee, and Social/Community Events. 

We reconvened for three creative Ignite Talks from members Feedback Labs, Development Gateway and Root Change (though a few presenters got a bit creative and strayed from the format :), and wrapped up with an ever-competitive game of Community Jeopardy. 

Feedback Labs: https://youtu.be/Yy-KHQSPo3g?t=3m00s
Development Gateway: https://youtu.be/Yy-KHQSPo3g?t=10m15s
Root Change: https://youtu.be/Yy-KHQSPo3g?t=17m15s

The event reminded us of how lucky we are to be connected to so many incredible people united in their passion to help governments work better for their people around the world. Many thanks to all our incredible members who have stepped up to lead various activities this year, and here's to continued connections and collaborations!