Know Your Hubber: Rebecca Shaeffer

For this month's Know Your Hubber, we wanted to introduce you all to Rebecca, who works at Fair Trials. But besides her work as the Senior Legal and Policy Officer at Fair Trials, Rebecca is a vital component of our Hub Collaboration team. Through brainstorming sessions planning out what collaboration activities would be beneficial for our members to leading the Working Group on working in difficult places, Rebecca has really helped make the Hub community what it is today. So cheers to Rebecca!

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We're Piloting a New Community Catalyst Program!

The Open Gov Hub is excited to pilot a new work-trade program to help meet the needs and further activate the potential of our vibrant community, which now includes over 200 people from 40 member organizations.

Are you eager to join a community of leading nonprofits and change makers in international development and other fields, working to help make governments more transparent, accountable, and deliver more for their citizens around the world?

Can you commit part-time over the next three months to support our daily operations and community building, solving problems and facilitating relationships and collaborations along the way?

If so, we invite you to apply for our new Community Catalyst Program!  

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July ICYMI: Accountable Service Delivery and Corruption as an Operating System

In the heat of a DC summer, the city tends to empty out and event calendars tend to be less crowded. Things were no different here at Open Gov Hub, where many of our international members spend the summer months being out in the field. But we had two stand out events in July that we wanted to share with you all.

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Seeking Global Lessons for US Democracy

Some current challenges to American democracy are unprecedented, and require a collaborative and globally contextualized effort to understand risks and help prevent the erosion of foundational democratic norms and values.

This is why Global Integrity, the Sunlight Foundation and the Open Gov Hub recently convened a small, diverse group of US and international democracy experts to brainstorm how to best help provide relevant international experiences to strengthen the critical efforts of American democracy advocates.

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Know Your Hubber: Elsa Peraldi

For this month's Know Your Hubber, we want you all to meet Elsa Peraldi, who is the Project Lead for the Africa Integrity Indicators (AII) project of Global Integrity. AII has just wrapped up their data analysis of this year's indicators. If you just want a quick, informative synopsis of their findings, check out these great infographics. The AII team is now beginning to start the next round, so if you know someone who wants to be a research contributor to this exciting project, let them know!

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June ICYMI: Unlocking Data, Working in Closed Societies, and Smart Risks

If you're like us, the summer months have sped away quickly! The range of events and activities at Open Gov Hub have continued regardless, with events on foreign aid data, working with open data in closed societies, and a book launch by one of our members.

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