January ICYMI Event Roundup

We started out the year with a handful of events ranging from Internet freedom issues to the rise of populism around the world in the latest installment of our Defending Democracy event series. 

Read on below to hear some of the key takeaways from all of our January events.

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Defending Democracy: Populism and Corruption

The second installment in the “Democracy Dialogues” series presented by the Open Gov Hub, Global Integrity, Sunlight Foundation, and Transparency International.

Several countries throughout Europe - as well as the United States - have witnessed a recent surge of populist movements. At the same time, these populist sentiments are sometimes harnessed and manipulated by politicians to consolidate their own personal wealth and power, and in doing so serve to further corruption (defined as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain).

How is it that leaders are able to assume power or entrench their own wealth and power on the backs of broad-based popular sentiments from the masses, who are often poorer and facing depressed economic circumstances? In other words, how are fears of the other stoked to win popular support by candidates whose policies in fact may counter the economic self-interest of struggling citizens?

Click through for a full video of the event.

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Oct, Nov, and Dec ICYMI Roundups

Short takeaways from our key events in October, November, and December. 

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Defending Democracy Launch Event

Democracy Defenders in Dialogue: Sharing Lessons from Investigative Journalism and Anti-Corruption Advocacy Partnerships Around the World

What might American democracy defenders learn from actors in other countries who have leveraged investigative journalism techniques and advocacy to combat grand corruption?

The Open Gov HubGlobal IntegritySunlight Foundation, and Transparency International are pleased to present this launch event for the new Defending Democracy: Lessons from Around the World program. Join us to learn from powerful efforts to uncover and counter the international linkages between corruption and kleptocracy across boundaries/ borders, as we hear from visiting civil society leaders from Russia and Tunisia and leaders from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, which was heavily involved in the recent Paradise Papers leak.

Click through for the full event video.

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Putting Communities on the Map: World AIDS Day Mapathon

More than 70 people gathered in DC on November 30 in the observance of World AIDS day to celebrate over 30 years of progress against HIV/AIDS. By the end of the evening over 1,500 data points were mapped throughout rural areas of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Côte d'Ivoire that have been impacted by HIV/AIDS.

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What is the Cost of Open Government?

On November 14, we convened Hub members and friends to discuss the recent report by Results for Development, Priceless? A New Way to Estimate the Cost of Opening Government. The presentation and ensuing rich discussion reflected on the state of the open government. It captured some of the key fault lines of debate and agreement/disagreement about the accomplishments and needs of this still relatively nascent field.

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