How to Help Whistleblowers Turn Their Information into Power

Reposted from and written by Shanna Devine of Public Citizen.

This year’s Sunshine Week and its “Right to Know” mantra may take on a new significance for the federal workforce. Whistleblowers, the eyes and ears to abuses of power that betray the public trust, have a right and need to know how to safely report illegal behavior on the part of the government. In a climate in which the truth is increasingly difficult to discern amid obfuscation of the facts and unparalleled censorship, government employees are uniquely positioned to shed light on what takes place behind the Trump administration’s closed doors. In the words of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, sunlight is the best disinfectant.


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February ICYMI

This February we had some interesting events on post-Brexit Britain, the importance of journalistic collaboration, and how audit institutions can help curtail corruption.

Check out our event calendar to see what we have coming up for the rest of March.

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How Can Supreme Audit Institutions Help Curtail Corruption?

On February 28, the Open Gov Hub organize a special panel event entitled, How Can Supreme Audit Institutions Help Curtail Corruption? The purpose was to compare and learn about how different Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) - the highest government oversight bodies - and other independent oversight institutions play a key role in combating various forms of corruption in different countries.

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Know Your Hubber: Laura Manley

For this month's Know Your Hubber, we wanted to introduce you all to Laura, who works at Center for Open Data Enterprise. Laura is helping launch the SDG National Reporting Initiative, which is having a launch and happy hour on Wednesday, March 14th.

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Open Gov Hub’s 2017 Year in Review and Look Forward to 2018

2017 saw our Open Gov Hub community grow, explore, learn, and create together like never before. We want to share a few impact stories, strategies, and learnings over the past year with you - and a peek into what’s to come in 2018 - to help further catalyze our collective social impact and the global opengov movement.

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Welcome our New Member Organizations

In the past few months, we've welcomed a handful of exciting new organizations that are doing compelling work within accountability, transparency, and citizen participation. We wanted to introduce them to you here. Say hello to Transparency International, Publish What You Pay - US, Cerberus Consulting, Center Africa TV, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, and Ushahidi.

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