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Enabling Liberian iCampus’ Sustainability and Impact through Learning and Sharing with Washington Open Gov Hub

Since iCampus Liberia kicked off this collaboration with DC Open Gov Hub we have seen some exciting progress with the support of OSF: we held our first virtual exchange conference with the DC Hub in September 2017, the Washington Open Gov Hub Director visited the iCampus to share ideas and learn from our work; and we’ve been in close touch around everything from revenue models to membership ideas. To wrap up this amazing Hub to Hub collaboration with the DC OpenGov Hub, I visited the Open Gov Hub in late October 2018.

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Participatory Organizing: From Co-Op to Network to Mass Movement

This is a piece written by Loomio's Richard Bartlett after a recent workshop held at OpenGov Hub. The original piece can be read here on Medium and more of Richard's work can be read on here.

What can movement organisers learn from small group democracy?

I have a hunch that 21st century democracy is going to be characterised by much more participation. I don’t mean mass opinion gathering: I’m thinking of a kind of participation that is transformative for the participants. Deliberating, sharing your experiences with others, changing your mind, growing shared understanding through difference.

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Creating Meaning with Data Visualizations: Lessons from Visual Data Storytellers

At OpenGov Hub, we specialize in all things data, whether that’s creating open data initiatives, curating data for reports on corruption, or empowering citizens with access to information.

Yet, as many people who work within this new paradigm of big data and open data, the deluge of information can sometimes overwhelm the story hidden within that data. Many of our Hub members are turning to data visualizations to highlight elements of the story, so to learn from some experts we recently sat down with data visualizers Ricky de Marchi Trevisan of Esri and Desmond Spruijt of Mapping Worlds to talk about how they handle the influx of data.

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A Quick Primer on the Role of the U.S. in Foreign Kleptocracy and Corruption

We have a yearly trillion dollar problem, according Global Financial Integrity’s research. It’s not the national debt. Add to that 3.6 million deaths per year, by the One Campaign’s calculations. But not from war or genocide. The problem? Foreign corruption. If you’re thinking, “It happens over there”, that’s where you’re wrong. It’s not just their problem. It’s our problem. But shouldn’t we take care of corruption at home first? The problem is that we are the world’s home for corruption. The corrupt inside our borders use the same system as the corrupt outside our borders.

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