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Seeking Global Lessons for US Democracy

Some current challenges to American democracy are unprecedented, and require a collaborative and globally contextualized effort to understand risks and help prevent the erosion of foundational democratic norms and values.

This is why Global Integrity, the Sunlight Foundation and the Open Gov Hub recently convened a small, diverse group of US and international democracy experts to brainstorm how to best help provide relevant international experiences to strengthen the critical efforts of American democracy advocates.

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The Mystery of Missing Metadata

Given the recent People’s Climate Movement and steps from the administration to roll back action on climate change there is clearly deep concern for the future of our planet.

But programs to prevent climate change are not all that’s at risk. Open access to basic environmental and climate data is now in jeopardy. Previously published, government-generated data on the environment and other public issues may be vulnerable to a politicized backlash against evidence-based policies.

Before considering the implications of disappearing public information, what exactly is open data and why does it matter?

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Reflecting on the 2016 Elections: Politics and Policy