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Voices from the Ground or how to work better together in international development

The Community Solutions Program (CSP) fellows based in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, with support from OpenGov Hub and IREX organized an event on November 2nd, 2016, aiming to create another bridge for communication between international organizations working in development and their end beneficiaries. CSP fellows are exceptional young civil society leaders working on a variety of social issues in Africa, the Middle East, Central Eastern Europe, South Central Asia, Asia Pacific, and South America. Most of the fellows have partnered with or been end receivers of international development programs.

The event had the participation of over 60 people who engaged in some 'hot topics' like:

  1. Education and development within emergency/conflict zones
  2. Open data and media in closed societies
  3. Empowering women through entrepreneurship
  4. Challenges and opportunities in local funding
  5. How to work locally to help the environment
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