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Our Homegrown Co-working Innovation: Curbing Ghost Meetings/No-Shows

One of our awesome members found an innovative, low-cost solution to an age-old coworking problem.

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Celebrating Collective Growth at our Annual Fall Open House

Last week, we were delighted to host our 3rd Annual Open Gov Hub Open House with 100 members and friends of our community. The goal of this special gathering was to pause from the day-to-day busyness that consumes so many of us, to deepen our connections and reflect on and celebrate our collective achievements. We had several Exhibit Booths, 2 incredible Ignite Talks, and one very big announcement!

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Hubs: The 21st Century Public Square

Have you ever wondered what exactly is a “hub”?

What do hubs accomplish? Why is the number of hubs rapidly growing more and more worldwide these days?

And, how can open government reformers leverage hubs to bring new stakeholders to engage in these issues?

For answers to all these questions, check out this 5 minute Lightning Talk recording.

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Connecting Hubs from DC to Monrovia!

Open Gov Hub Director Nada Zohdy reflects on her visit to partner hub the iCampus in Monrovia, Liberia, where she ran a brand new, week-long “How to Run a Hub” training and learned from her Liberian counterparts.

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Introducing Our Guide to Great Events!

We’re excited to introduce our brand new Guide to Great Events - featuring the Great Events Pledge, Toolkit of Event Types, and more!

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Beyond the First 100 Days: Combating Fake News, and the Future is Open

For many open government advocates, the last 100 days have been a challenge.

Here at the OpenGov Hub, many of us have been approached by people asking how the new political environment might affect our work, and in many cases this new climate has reaffirmed our commitment to promoting open governance at home and abroad, and has lent a new sense of urgency to our work.

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