FrontlineSMS to Join OpenGov Hub


We're super excited to share some great news: FrontlineSMS is joining the OpenGov Hub! Frontline's growing team in the DC area is set to move into the hub after its opening in September. For the unfamiliar: FrontlineSMS is one of the true innovators in the mobile space that have built some incredible technology which empowers large-scale communication using text messages. You should check out their website and download FrontlineSMS for yourself (it's free!) to fully appreciate the impact of their work.

Frontline's presence in the OpenGov Hub brings additional technical and grassroots experience to the hub community. FrontlineSMS's technology has been deployed across a range of sectors -- from health and legal to micro credit -- to incredible impact. We can't wait to get our claws into them once they've settled into their new digs.

Interested in exploring whether the OpenGov Hub might be the right home for your organization? Contact us at to start the conversation.