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Growing without Bricks and Mortar: New Models to Scale Your Impact

This post was originally shared on the blog of the Nonprofit Centers Network, of which Open Gov Hub is a member.

We are excited that today’s blog authors were featured as one of 8 presentations at this year’s Sharing Innovation 2018.

The number of commercial coworking spaces is rapidly growing across North America. These for-profit shared spaces achieve growth via a traditional and straightforward revenue model: acquire more space, serve more tenants. Yet how can and should nonprofit centers think differently about growth?

At the Sharing Innovation annual NCN gathering in just a few weeks, we are both excited to share how our organizations – Tides in San Francisco and Open Gov Hub in Washington, D.C. – are each scaling their impact in a unique way, without adding more real estate. We will share our top takeaways (like how to lead with your values and leverage intangible assets), and how you can help your own center grow creatively.

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Hubs: The 21st Century Public Square

Have you ever wondered what exactly is a “hub”?

What do hubs accomplish? Why is the number of hubs rapidly growing more and more worldwide these days?

And, how can open government reformers leverage hubs to bring new stakeholders to engage in these issues?

For answers to all these questions, check out this 5 minute Lightning Talk recording.

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Connecting Hubs from DC to Monrovia!

Open Gov Hub Director Nada Zohdy reflects on her visit to partner hub the iCampus in Monrovia, Liberia, where she ran a brand new, week-long “How to Run a Hub” training and learned from her Liberian counterparts.

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Introducing Our Guide to Great Events!

We’re excited to introduce our brand new Guide to Great Events - featuring the Great Events Pledge, Toolkit of Event Types, and more!

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Open Gov Hub’s 2017 Year in Review and Look Forward to 2018

2017 saw our Open Gov Hub community grow, explore, learn, and create together like never before. We want to share a few impact stories, strategies, and learnings over the past year with you - and a peek into what’s to come in 2018 - to help further catalyze our collective social impact and the global opengov movement.

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Virtual Exchange: From DC to Monrovia, a discussion about the election

In a continuation of our Global Hubs Virtual Exchange Series, on September 28, the OpenGov Hub in DC hosted its first Virtual Exchange with the iCampus (, Liberia’s first inter-disciplinary and collaborative community that incorporates cutting-edge technologies, accountability, open governance, and social enterprise to encourage positive change in Liberia. iCampus is also the OpenGov Hub affiliate in Liberia.

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