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Know Your Hubber: Laura Manley

For this month's Know Your Hubber, we wanted to introduce you all to Laura, who works at Center for Open Data Enterprise. Laura is helping launch the SDG National Reporting Initiative, which is having a launch and happy hour on Wednesday, March 14th.

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Know Your Hubber: Zoë Reiter

For this month's Know Your Hubber, we wanted to introduce you all to Zoë, who works at Transparency International. Zoë will be helping with the Defending Democracy program that we announced last month in collaboration with Global Integrity and the Sunlight Foundation. 

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Know Your Hubber: Rebecca Shaeffer

For this month's Know Your Hubber, we wanted to introduce you all to Rebecca, who works at Fair Trials. But besides her work as the Senior Legal and Policy Officer at Fair Trials, Rebecca is a vital component of our Hub Collaboration team. Through brainstorming sessions planning out what collaboration activities would be beneficial for our members to leading the Working Group on working in difficult places, Rebecca has really helped make the Hub community what it is today. So cheers to Rebecca!

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Know Your Hubber: Elsa Peraldi

For this month's Know Your Hubber, we want you all to meet Elsa Peraldi, who is the Project Lead for the Africa Integrity Indicators (AII) project of Global Integrity. AII has just wrapped up their data analysis of this year's indicators. If you just want a quick, informative synopsis of their findings, check out these great infographics. The AII team is now beginning to start the next round, so if you know someone who wants to be a research contributor to this exciting project, let them know!

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Know Your Hubber: Jennifer Lentfer

This month's Know Your Hubber features Jennifer Lentfer, the Director of Communications at Thousand Currents. Thousand Currents recently went through a large rebrand led by Jennifer, so you might know their work as IDEX (International Development Exchange). Not only that, but Jennifer has been busy wrapping up her recently released book called Smart Risks, which is a collection of essays focused on responsive grantmaking in the Global South. Better yet, you can come hear all about the book at a book launch and celebration Open Gov Hub is hosting on June 22nd. Details and RSVP info can be found here.

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Know Your Hubber: Stacy Whittle

With spring comes changes, and Hubber Stacy Whittle knows what that's like. She is starting her new role as Business Development Director at Hub Member Forum One, after working at Free Range, a previous Hub Member organization. 

Stacy is all about bringing people together, which is why she makes such an excellent collaboration activity leader here at the Hub. Stacy has been an amazing resource working with a group of Hubbers in our Communications and Branding Guild. 

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