In addition to our network of members and one-time partnerships with others for specific events, the OpenGov Hub is honored to have several types of ongoing partnerships. 

Event Space Partners

The OpenGov Hub has an ongoing partnership with General Assembly in DC, who uses the OpenGov Hub event space for its classes and workshops on technology, data, and design.

Other Co-Working Partners

The OpenGov Hub has shared "passport" partnerships with other co-working spaces in different cities. This means that Hub members can access these shared spaces if they are traveling to other cities for work. We also work to develop shared programming to connect and benefit our respective member communities.

Tides Converge - San Francisco

Centre for Social Innovation - New York City

Centre for Social Innovation - Toronto

Posner Center for International Development - Denver


Membership Associations

The OpenGov Hub is also part of the Nonprofit Centers Network, a membership association with hundreds of nonprofit shared spaces across North America and the premier learning and support community for nonprofit shared space and services.

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