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Citizen Engagement in Health Service Delivery

  • OpenGov Hub 1110 Vermont Avenue Northwest Suite 500 Washington, DC, 20005 United States (map)

This Partnership for Transparency Fund sponsored seminar will bring together practitioners from both the health and social accountability fields to share experience and innovations in engaging citizens in health service delivery across a range of countries and contexts. For more information, click here.

A light lunch will be served.

Richard Stern
President, Partnership for Transparency Fund

Judith Edstrom
Adviser, Partnership for Transparency Fund

Kenneth Sklaw
Senior Capacity Building Advisor, Systems and Program Sustainability Division, Office of HIV-AIDS, USAID

Shomikho Raha
Senior Public Sector Governance Specialist, Governance Global Practice, World Bank

The inclusion of citizen engagement in the health sector is based on the premise that giving citizens a voice will help ensure that programs are tailored to their needs, will build a greater sense of ownership by the community, and will make service delivery more accountable. All of these are expected to contribute to more effective service delivery.

What constitutes citizen engagement in health service delivery? Is there a difference between ‘engaging citizens’ and ‘citizen engagement’ in the health context? Health service providers, including volunteers at community level, have generally sought to “engage” or educate citizens in some manner to promote healthy behaviors, whether by talking at them or with them. However, “citizen engagement” conveys a somewhat more structured, often collective, exchange aimed at given citizens a greater stake in decision-making and outcomes.

And what does the evidence tell has about the impact of single or multiple citizen engagement instruments on health service delivery and health outcomes? What factors contribute to successful interventions, and in what circumstances?

This seminar sponsored by PTF brings together practitioners from both the health and social accountability fields to explore the above questions. To provide an overview, Judith Edstrom, a PTF Advisor who led a recent PTF consultancy to Management Sciences for Health (MSH) to investigate these issues through country-based case studies, will present findings from a review of citizen engagement in health service delivery that she prepared as background analysis for the assignment. Kenneth Sklaw, Senior Capacity Building Advisor of the Systems and Program Sustainability Division in the Office of HIV-AIDS of USAID will share USAID experience and innovations in engaging citizens in health service delivery. Shomikho Raha, Senior Public Sector Governance Specialist in the Governance Global Practice at the World Bank, will discuss findings from his analytical work on citizen engagement and social accountability in delivery of health services.