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How to Avoid Death by Working Groups: Workshop on Modeling Effective Peer Learning

  • Open Gov Hub 1110 Vermont Ave NW Suite 500 Washington DC 20005 USA (map)

Come hungry: we'll be serving up waffles for brunch!

Are you tired of attending boring panel discussions, power point presentations, and engaging in many working groups with the hope of learning something from your peers but in the end getting very little out of it? Working groups, although beneficial, are only worth it if done right. Come and learn how to facilitate effective peer learning by watching and hearing from Wayan Vota, the architect of TechSalon (and former Open Gov Hubber) who has flipped the idea of working groups on its head by introducing a unique technique and model for facilitating effective peer learning. The Technology Salon™ is a forum where technology and development professionals exchange lessons on emerging trends in ICTand international development by engaging in intimate and informal in person discussions without panel discussions and power point presentations.

In this workshop Wayan will demonstrate and teach workshop participants how to apply an in person model of engagement as a medium for peer learning using some key attributes from the TechSalon by engaging Nada Zohdy (director of OGH), and a guest participant (David Madden) from outside the Hub network as lead discussants in a open conversation about the experiences and challenges of various peer learning strategies.

Workshop is limited to 30 people only. Register now to secure your place!

This is our fourth workshop in a series of Member-Only Workshops at the Open Gov Hub titled Educating and Storytelling for impact. Non hub members can request to attend anyone of these workshops by emailing


Wayan Vota: Wayan Vota is the Executive Director of the Technology Salonwhich he started in 2008. The Technology Salon™ is an independent non-profit organization with member organizations convening Salons in multiple cities around the world. Wayan Vota is a digital development entrepreneur. He is on the forefront of utilizing new and emerging technologies to magnify the intent of communities to accelerate their social and economic development, with noted presentations on wearable sensorsreal-time data, and failure in international development.

Nada Zohdy: Current Director of Open Gov Hub in Washington, DC a coworking community and network focused on promoting open government reforms globally, with 40 member organizations and 200+ people in the network promoting more transparent, accountable, and citizen-driven governments around the world. Nada joined Open Gov Hub in 2015 and as director she oversees all strategy, operations, and programs for this growing social enterprise.

David Madden: Founder of Phandeeyar Innovation Lab which is a community tech hub that is spearheading the development of Myanmar’s technology and innovation ecosystem. Phandeeyar invests in startups, trains founders and developers, supports civic and social entrepreneurs, and helps change agents use technology to increase their impact. Madden is an experienced entrepreneur who thrives on creating new organizations that use technology to help make the world a better place.

This is part of the Open Gov Hub Workshop Series on "Educating and Storytelling for Social Impact." The goal of the series is to help Hub organizations and our network improve their ability to educate people on the policy and social issues they work on, and better tell stories that describe the impact of their work, effectively growing and engaging their audiences.