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How to Communicate Without Sounding Like a Jargon-Filled Windbag

  • OpenGov Hub 1110 Vermont Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20005 United States (map)

Do you, like many people in our sector, suffer from the "curse of knowledge"? 

Do you sometimes struggle to persuasively and concisely communicate why the work you do really matters, and how it has impact? 

Harvard psychology professor Stephen Pinker argues that the "brightest and most informed" are most vulnerable to this problem. (So, clearly you must!)

The first step to recovery is to stop assuming that people know what you know, and that people will actually care about it because you tell them they should. 


Jennifer Lentfer, Director of Communications at IDEX and creator of, and Nada Zohdy, OpenGovHub Manager at Global Integrity, will host a spirited hour of discussion and learning for members of the OpenGov Hub community:

  • How is the "curse of knowledge" detrimental to your work? 
  • Why does overcoming the curse matter? 
  • What are the practical tips that can help you communicate why your work matters ore clearly, and better connect with your readers/listeners?

We invite Hub members and friends to join us or this honest conversation and skill building session on Thursday, March 31st. Snacks and drinks provided.