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Introducing Limitless: Saving Lives through Instant Messaging

Limitless is a foundation that delivers technology to others for the use of instant messaging as a tool to connect knowledge (doctors, psychologists, lawyers, etc.) with people who require that knowledge. On March 18th we will present two experiences where we use instant messaging for good in this brown bag lunch (BBL) session.

1) Prevention of juvenile suicide and homophobic bullying. With the" Foundation in Chile, more than 90 psychologists serve children victims of bullying via several chat channels. Today we are preventing 1 suicide a day for children and impacting on the public policies that the government is developing.

2) Legal support for immigrants and refugees. With the NGO Jesuit Migrant Service, a network of volunteer lawyers support migrants and refugees who could be deported. They use instant messaging channels to talk to migrants, lowering costs, geographical barriers and increasing the number of people served.

About the Presenter

Juan Jose Soto is the Former Head of Digital Government of Chile, was Advisor to the Minister of Economy, CFO of Ciudadano Inteligente Foundation and currently is the CEO of Let's Talk, and Director of Limitless Foundation.