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Scaling Grassroots Impact: Meet IMAGO & 2 Amazing Grassroots Organizations

Meet the IMAGO Team, which works around the world to help grassroots organizations, social enterprises, and governments scale their impact. IMAGO's work with 15 organizations in 9 countries has helped reach 4 million people. And come be inspired by two amazing organizations working at the grassroots, who believe in making the poor the agents of change within their lives and communities.

This event will include drinks, food, and presentations from two organizations: Ajeec Nisped and Solar Sister. 

Ariel Dloomy (Executive Director) will speak about Ajeec-Nisped, a non-profit dedicated to social change and Arab-Jewish partnership, based in Israel. Founded in 2000, the organization works to promote sustainable development among communities in transition as a foundation for the establishment of prosperous and equal communities living in peace. Topics of the talk include the vision for the future of shared society for Arabs and Jews in Israel, best practices from peace education and community development programs, financing a non-profit through social-enterprises, and co-management model for a bi-communal organization. Ajeec-Nisped is considering expansion to Cameroon and Uganda.   

Neha Misra (Co-Founder and Chief Collaborator) will speak about Solar Sister, an organization that provides women with economic opportunity, training, technology and support to distribute clean energy to underserved communities in Nigeria and Tanzania. Solar Sister provides essential services and training that enable women entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses within their own communities. Solar Sister has reached over 1.4 million people and kick-started over 3,400 clean energy entrepreneurs. 

This event is free and open to the public.