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Week 2019: Science and Transparency in the Trump Era

Join us to network with professionals committed to scientific integrity, free speech, and government transparency. Food and refreshments provided.

Transparency and access to information are essential to a functioning democracy. But science and science professionals have been under relentless assault during the Trump administration, compromising both the public’s right to know and Congress’s duty to conduct effective oversight. Censorship of research, efforts to limit the communication of federal employees and contractors and reprisal against employees who blow the whistle on serious abuses are just some of the tactics that cast a shadow on truth.

This Sunshine Week event will include discussions with journalists and presentations by civil society members that explore the ongoing assaults on science and offer resources to help journalists, public interest organizations, employees, and policymakers promote accountability, protect scientific integrity, and restore public trust in government.

Featured Speakers:

  • Rachel Bergman, Web Integrity Project Director, Sunlight Foundation

  • Liz Borkowski, Managing Director, Jacobs Institute of Women's Health Department of Health Policy and Management, Milken Institute School of Public Health, The George Washington University

  • Dana Gold, Senior Counsel & Director of Education, Government Accountability Project

  • Michael Halpern, Deputy Director of Center for Science and Democracy, Union of Concerned Scientists

  • Emily Holden, Environment Reporter, The Guardian