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How Exactly has Tech Contributed to Impact in my Social Change Project?

How Exactly has Tech Contributed to Impact in my Social Change Project? Happy Hour Workshop and Framework Launch

Laura Walker McDonald, CEO, SIMLab
Linda Raftree, Independent Consultant
Amy O’Donnell, ICT in Programme Lead, Oxfam GB

SIMLab helps to build accessible, responsive and resilient systems using inclusive technologies, helping people and organizations solve both the technological and human obstacles along the way. We’ve found, over ten years of working with organizations testing inclusive technology approaches all over the world, that there isn’t enough evidence of the contribution technology makes to social change work; that where there is, we don’t share it; and that often it doesn’t get to the really knotty issues.

This isn’t about how to use technology for M&E - this is about how to do M&E on technology projects. These interventions succeed or fail based on their sustainability, business models, data practices, choice of communications channel and technology platform; organizational change, risk models, and user support - among many other factors. Yet there is so little evidence that examines these issues, or which tells us what has been successful - even less about what has failed, and why.


We are publishing our internal Monitoring and Evaluation Framework next Monday, 4th April, under an open license. We’ll be launching it with a Happy Hour, discussion and workshop featuring two of the authors (Linda and Laura) and Amy O’Donnell, visiting from Oxfam GB. Laura and Linda will (briefly!) share the challenges that lead SIMLab to develop and share such a Framework, and the criteria they’ve developed (based on the OECD-DAC principles) to evaluate projects. Amy will  offer her perspective around some of the opportunities and challenges from within a large development organization. And we’ll hear from you in a discussion session, and then get to work helping us to make the Framework better. This will be a hands on event with plenty of time for networking as you contribute ideas. And we will have wine, beer, soft drinks and nibbles.

We’ll be sharing the Framework as an open document for anyone to contribute to, and hope the discussion continues well beyond this workshop. Catch the beginning by signing up, coming along, and pitching in!

This workshop was made possible with the generous support of the Hewlett Foundation.