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A Post-Truth Political Storytelling Case Study (BBL)

The Many Lives of Lorenza Congo: A Case Study in Post-Truth Political Storytelling from the Bolivian Amazon

This brown bag presentation will explore how different – and mutually contradictory – versions of stories about Lorenza Congo (a heroic figure in San Ignacio de Moxos, in the Bolivian Amazon) circulate, and what the different tellings do for the people who are doing the telling.

Though the field where this is studied is far away from the political scene here, the topic relates to the “post-truth” moment that many are struggling to understand in the US today.

Looking at such a broad topic (the era of misinformation, etc.) in a narrow setting will help actors within the US and other locations outside Bolivia get a handle on it in their own work.

Chuck Sturtevant is a political anthropologist with ten years of experience working in Bolivia. His work focuses on the theories of knowledge that sustain “other” systems of political practice in the Bolivian lowlands.
After the presentation, discussion will focus on questions like:- How do we deal with the circulation of multiple contradictory stories?- Why do impossible stories circulate?- How does storytelling sustain political practice, in the Bolivian Amazon and beyond?